Why Should I Commission a Survey?

Marine Surveyor marine surveys Boat SafetyThere are many reasons why you may need to commission a survey and almost as many types of survey available to meet your needs, those of Marine Finance companies, other Loan Providers and Marine Insurance companies. 

The most comprehensive type of survey is an 'Out of Water Pre-Purchase Survey'; but more about the various types of survey later....


Other than a house, the purchase of a boat will probably be the second largest single purchase that you will make in your lifetime. When buying a house you would never go ahead with the purchase without first having a survey on the property in order to determine that it is structurally sound, it is as described and also that it is worth the price that you have offered.  When considering the purchase of a boat the same reasons apply as to why you should always commission a survey on your intended pride and joy.

Marine Surveyor marine surveys Boat Safety

 Are you having a new boat built?... You may wish for the surveyor to oversee the build process of your new boat. By working with the builders, and making several visits, during the build process will ensure compliance with the R.C.D., Boat Safety requirements and provide you with progress reports and any areas that need to be addressed.

Many of my clients over the last decade have told me that,   " The survey fee was the best money that we have ever spent, or are likely to spend "

Caveat emptor - "let the buyer beware"