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Iain Jones

DipMarSur.(YS)     Assoc. IIMS     MABSE


About Jones Marine Surveys



marine surveyor looking at a boat in Staffordshire

Iain himself surveying a boat 

Iain Jones trades as Jones Marine Surveys (JMS)

Iain believes he was born with water and boats in his blood, crewing in the family dinghy whilst at junior school and taking the helm of dinghies and racing whilst at senior school. Inland waterways holidays were taken on hire boats on the River Thames and canals during the mid-late 1970's.

Following training at Bristol (1974-1977), Iain joined the Merchant Navy as a Radio and Electronics Officer, initially employed by Marconi Marine on British flag ships, then joining United Arab Shipping based in Kuwait and sailing worldwide. It was a great career, but with the development of satellite communication and redundancy just a few short years away – by the mid 1980's it was time to look for employment ashore.

In the early 1980's he purchased his first second-hand 30’ narrowboat (best described as “a project”!). The build of the third boat, a very traditional tug-style 57’ narrowboat shell, was scheduled for late January 1990. Twenty-eight years on, Iain still owns the narrowboat, Crane.

In 1995 Iain decided it was time to get back into the marine industry and joined Jannel Cruisers, Burton-on-Trent, undertaking all aspects of boatbuilding, maintenance and repair. July 1996 saw him qualify as one of the first British Waterways Boat Safety Scheme Examiners.


 "...he was born with water and boats in his blood."


marine surveyor working on a boat in Staffordshire

Iain(in light blue) and a colleague surveying a boat

Training courses at Plymouth University in 1998 provided practical experience to become a rookie marine surveyor. In 2002 the International Institute of Marine Surveying (I.I.M.S.) launched a one-year, Long-Distance Yacht & Small Craft Surveying course, culminating in further practical hands-on experience and final exams at the International Boatbuilding College at Oulton Broad. Gaining a high mark, he became an associate member of I.I.M.S. He remains a member of the Institute. In January 2012 Jones Marine Surveys in Burton on Trent was formed since which time he is a full-time marine surveyor and BSS examiner.

As a member of the Association of Boat Safety Scheme Examiners (ABSE) Executive Committee and also the ABSE representative on BSS Technical Committee for over six years, he keeps up to speed with changes and future developments.

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